Something awesome happened yesterday!

Just my usual sharing of positive experiences: Yesterday I had a normal as {{champion:91}}, I played vs a {{champion:238}} and the lane was... mostly neutral. (appart of {{champion:33}}s ganks being very rude :<) After some time {{champion:238}} and enemy top {{champion:8}} laneswapped, at first I got kinda scared, the bloodmage finished his hourglass and that + his pool made me play very hesitant. After a while I just was like &#039;fuck it&#039; and engaged, still carefull to not blow anything on his Pool or Stasis. I killed him without him using either. Next time I was a bit less hesitant (still carefull), same result and I started to wonder. After the 3rd time I couldn&#039;t Keep myself from using allchat: {{champion:91}} "Dude" {{champion:91}} "Use hourglass." {{champion:91}} "I shouldn&#039;t be able to kill you at all." He replyed that he is a bit sleepy but will try. next fight: He used Hourglass, barely not dodging the 2nd activation of my ult, but still getting his CDs through it, before my last AA he pooled and I managed to survive his last bit of burst after and finish him... with 50ish hp. {{champion:91}} "See? Next time Hourglass .25 secs sooner and you beat me. ;)" {{champion:8}} ":)" We didn&#039;t get to 1v1 anymore in this game, but I couldn&#039;t do shit to him in most fights. In the end we lost and I completely blame {{champion:238}}s 15% crit of {{item:3142}}, which killed me about 4 times in a 1on1 situation. xD ---------------------------------------- That&#039;s to all of you "you will get reported for giving advice" people out there. **I got witnesses to prove this!** **tl:dr** why are you even here then?
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