Riots sh*t list

This season i feel like i have a 50/50 percent chance of having a good game. No matter how the initial state of the team is in champ select, i never feel like i will have a chance at a descent ranked experience anymore. Either some one asserts its tilt mode, or someone simply disconnects for no apperent reason. These things happend the past two promotions to s4 (and the rest of this season). I even quit the game for about 4-5 months because of the massive amount of reports i had to give out. And yes, i was g5 last season. For some reason i feel like im on riots sh@t list and im only allowd to play the game with other sh@t list members. Past 5 promo games: inting support, twisted fade adc, dcing jglers and toxic adc's. ("pls honor me fo tilt proof :] "{{champion:32}} ) Is there anyone that feels the same? Is this a silent solution of riot to ban toxic players for the rest of the ppl, but still allow them to play so their potential revenue/player statistics doenst decline?
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