Racism, toxicity

I keep reporting toxicity, racism and inting like it's for nothing. I rarely or never get notified that player was punished and almost always keep in getting the same ones in the next games. I reported right now a player who was racist towards me like i'm muslim (which i'm not) and who said F islam players . I don't know why this isn't an instant ban for this kind of behavior since it has nothing to do with your regular venting in a game, where you call someone stupid or idk. It's a literal attack on a culture, religion and i get a bot to answer me this? no human support? Edit 1: More evidence of blatant attack on someones nationality: https://imgur.com/a/HR9erbp Since it's Balkan language some might understand. Edit 2: I still didn't get a notification and i don't think i will get it for this. Makes me wonder if player is actually punished at all or i should just 'trust' Rioters words when they tell me 'this behavior is punishable'
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