"Report this guy!", "Report him 9x", "Report him for feeding pls!"

Hey guys, This is another (small) rant from my part and I really wanna get this idea out there. Asking for reports is something way too many people do. It's not just occasionally, but pretty much every game. It actually doesn't matter if they're right or wrong, just asking to report someone is (in my humble opinion) atleast as toxic as insulting someone directly. The fact that this happens so frequently and the fact that so many players think that they're actually on the right side of things when asking to report someone is super frustrating. There should be a clear, public statement for EVERY league player: Asking for reports is punishable! With Riot's automated report system, that analyses language automatically, it shouldn't even be a problem to display a popup after the game, telling you that what they said was wrong. That's it from me, cheers, Encrux
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