Riot should start punishing the people that AFK instead of focusing on bad words being said in game.

Literally, just got chat restricted and lost all my honor just because 2 people decided to quit and go AFK after feeding their opponents few times. The rest two kept running it down. And I am the one being punished for calling them ''SILVERS''. Ok riot. Nice system. This is the game I am talking about. Both, Lee and Kai'sa went afk. and I end up being chat restricted for this : Pre-Game Zedaholic: lul Zedaholic: AHHHHHHHHHHHH Zedaholic: VEIGAR Zedaholic: LOL Zedaholic: afjfek In-Game Zedaholic: bronze 2 Zedaholic: can u silvers jjust play safe Zedaholic: jesus Zedaholic: dont gank bot Zedaholic: go top Zedaholic: save it Zedaholic: can u not Zedaholic: hear me? Zedaholic: can u not read/ Zedaholic: WATCH THE MAP Zedaholic: JESUS Zedaholic: i dont need ganks lee Zedaholic: you are all bad lol wtf Zedaholic: nice 1v1 him lmao Zedaholic: dont run towards me Zedaholic: L2P Zedaholic: i Zedaholic: dont Zedaholic: need Zedaholic: help Zedaholic: wtf u dont understand Zedaholic: i am so done Zedaholic: look Zedaholic: ar Zedaholic: you Zedaholic: LOOK Zedaholic: AT Zedaholic: YOU Zedaholic: LOL Zedaholic: FLASH Zedaholic: 1ST MIN Zedaholic: GO 0/3 Zedaholic: FIRST 2 MIN Zedaholic: dipshit Zedaholic: NICE TURRET Zedaholic: DUDE Zedaholic: 0/3 BOTLANE Zedaholic: nice Zedaholic: now we lose the game Zedaholic: lose turret in 12 minutes Zedaholic: 12 Zedaholic: MINS Zedaholic: AND U LOSE Zedaholic: TOWER Zedaholic: adc difference Zedaholic: all it is Zedaholic: we dont have a sup Zedaholic: no sup Zedaholic: no top Zedaholic: no jungle Zedaholic: no adc Zedaholic: stfu feed more Zedaholic: why are you question marking when u sit all lane phase under turret Zedaholic: lol Zedaholic: untill ur inted on botlane comes Zedaholic: to save you Zedaholic: none of your buisness silver Zedaholic: 2 afks already lol fun elo Zedaholic: 3* Zedaholic: Push mid ffs Zedaholic: >???? Zedaholic: sit down with ur help Zedaholic: yeah ez lol Zedaholic: died 3v1 Zedaholic: oof! Zedaholic: you can Zedaholic: if you go all 5 Zedaholic: 6 Zedaholic: ^ Zedaholic: P Zedaholic: u Zedaholic: s Zedaholic: h Zedaholic: m Zedaholic: i Zedaholic: d Zedaholic: how if they press no lmao Zedaholic: tilted? Zedaholic: its been 1v5 whole game Zedaholic: wdym Zedaholic: kaisa flashes Zedaholic: first minute Zedaholic: On nothing Zedaholic: :D Zedaholic: flames support Zedaholic: exactly.. Zedaholic: ? Zedaholic: cant catch me Zedaholic: why? why can't i smurf? Zedaholic: no Post-Game Zedaholic: diana i will make a ticket just for you lol Zedaholic: go for it! Zedaholic: go Zedaholic: i beat him Zedaholic: he killed me once Zedaholic: lol Zedaholic: level 116 Zedaholic: :DDDD Zedaholic: silver Zedaholic: :D Zedaholic: :D Zedaholic: diana Zedaholic: you lost Zedaholic: to Zedaholic: early Zedaholic: nasus Zedaholic: LOL Zedaholic: you went Zedaholic: 0/3 Zedaholic: first 6 minutes Zedaholic: XD Zedaholic: i wont lose Zedaholic: unless i get 4 bots Zedaholic: in my game Zedaholic: you too Zedaholic: cait Zedaholic: ? Zedaholic: i said you too Zedaholic: cait Zedaholic: :) Zedaholic: ? Zedaholic: legit we were 0/7 first 5 minutes Zedaholic: yeah Zedaholic: but Zedaholic: if you get a support that goes 0/5 Zedaholic: if bot didnt lost turret in 12 mins Zedaholic: i woulda camped Zedaholic: the hell out of you Zedaholic: i even told them Zedaholic: to play safe till 6 Zedaholic: yeah.. Zedaholic: but eh Zedaholic: happens i guess Zedaholic: thanks i kinda calmed down lol Zedaholic: yeah was nice talking to you guys xd Zedaholic: i expected toxicity Zedaholic: you too Zedaholic: peace guys Zedaholic: good luck Basically, Kai'sa flashes for nothing first minute in mid. They lost tower in 12 minutes. Kaisa goes afk, so does Lee. I told lee that I don't need help mid yet he refuses to listen and comes just to soak some xp up. Then toplane somehow dies 3x in 2 minutes to their jungler over and over. How am I supposed to react to all of that? Come on riot..
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