I finally learned how to mute people xD

This topic is about certain types of people that i come across quite a lot in league of legends. It all started when he got support as a role in draft, he asked for jungle and our jungle refused so he banned his champion. https://i.gyazo.com/d939b637b2999379da6d4d9114f1ddf1.png Proceeded to laugh and say that this is not his main account so he doesn't care. https://i.gyazo.com/03e3b8fb8c8c3874c4b50ba43440f559.png So after that we got into the game and he said he will try to troll and take all the kills in our lane and steal farm, i was fine with that. I quickly ran down to blue buff to help our jungler then I proceeded to go to my lane where brand was, he was just farming. As the enemies engaged on me brand just ignored it and let me die however i didn't die i was lucky enough to flash and dash out. I was NOT ok with the fact that he refused to co-operate and use team work as an advantage over the enemy team so i ran down to top lane. After a while he started trying to provoke me in chat telling me my farm and KDA is terrible etc... (I was behind and didn't really do well in-lane (top lane) so i just muted him and played on) I can't actually believe we won the game with this toxic player on our team. TL;DR I never really mute people even if they are toxic which always let them provoke me. Today i muted a toxic player and focused on my game and won it. https://i.gyazo.com/5edfb725c1075b41b75042ea7f35f046.png
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