Why Am I stuck in certain division ?

The title is for people who keep asking the same question in different sites, pages and make spam. I decided to do one big post about that. Everyone who have some basic knowledge about League of Legends can add something . So you may ask why you stuck in bronze ? You join a game and one person go afk, one is fucking your mom, and the other one is flaming random things not really realizing why they flame but it's low elo players mentallity. You don't know the reason ? Make it :) . Well, every player who manage to climb higher than gold will tell you same thing. They can all stand up like one man and say -It is you - Yes you - You are the problem of being stuck in certain division. Not your teammates - They have nothing, null, zero, 0 to do with you being promoted to higher divisions. They will never slow you down on your way to higher divisions. There is one person keep holding your feets. Person who won't let you leave and it is you. 'You have to learn make big steps if you want to climb broken ladder' You need to realize that you are the problem. Being aware of problem/error will give us a chance to fix it, but we need to locate the problem. Watch your own games, look for mistakes and try to fix 'em. One by one, from match to match closer to higher divisions. Only way out is through the door with 'Only for Improved' sign ! People :) Feel free to add your opinion.
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