A tiny rant about drophackers, and a message to those planning on doing it (+POLL)

_Disclaimer: This is in no way a rant to Riot shouting about how I haven't been refunded IP for a victory, didn't manage to get my penta, burnt my cookies, faceplanted into a pool of acid, etc._ I've been drophacked twice in the past two days IN NORMALS. **IN NORMALS.** I fail to see the point in drophacking, especially when you get what? An extra 75 IP maybe? It's extremely disheartening to see that people think that these hacks will benefit them in any way, shape or form, and all it does is wonder how idiotic some members of the League community have become. Seriously, I was drophacked after **an enemy Vi failed to steal my second blue (with me as Sejuani), then got jumped on by mid and bot.** That action brings petty to a whole other level. **So here's a message to every single prospective drophacker.** * Drophacking has minimal benefits - you gain 75 more IP with about 45 more minutes game time, which is silly and not worth it * Your gameplay will never improve - there is _no better way to learn than to get stomped repeatedly until you stop making mistakes_ * If your account gets banned, say goodbye to all your precious skins, and have fun grinding your way up to level 30 again. /rant
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