Really Riot, really?

Okay Riot, you have some SERIOUS explaining to do. I mean SERIOUS EXPLAINING! First of all, previous to an unwarranted 2 week suspension, this account had NEVER had so much as a chat restriction against it. I quit for close to 6 months, come back, don't speak in ANY of my games, and get served with a 2 week suspension. I contact Riot regarding this and get refused chat logs and Riot close any follow up tickets without even answering them. (Further proof the 2 week ban was unwarranted). So, I decide, when my ban is over, I will turn all chat off and I will mute EVERYONE in ALL my games. Therefore, I cannot even be provoked to type. I will take Riot's retarded advice and attempt to communicate via ONLY pings. Sure my W/L suffered (because you can't communicate without words) but things felt better, there's NO WAY I can be permabanned, right? Oh, no, Riot just permabanned me for NO REASON! Again, no chat logs provided (not that they could be). So, come on Riot, EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THE BLOODY HELL YOUR RETARDED SYSTEM WORKS? PLEASE. For the benefit of those who are going to say 'show us your chat logs...' Here is my e-mail connected with the account and the last 2 days worth of e-mails.
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