Ban Blog: Day 14 of 14, Long waited Closure

Hey guys! Im back to finish what i started as sadly i gave up on days 12 and 13 simply because i felt like i was repeating myself and for the people who were supporting me and read it since the start probably agree with me on that! its been nearly a month now since i was unbanned so for new people that have no idea what im talking about then please go check out my ban blog from day 1 to see how different i am since then! **Weeks after ban, Current Mentality State** Im honestly gonna admit its still really hard not to snap at guys who never seem to shutup when playing league but so far i have done well and kept myself away from toxicity, I mean my personal Depression stuff doesn't really help and can cause me to get angry but i really have been doing a great job so far at keeping it to myself and honestly 80% of my games have been a lot of fun so far but sadly my depression is still the same I guess its improved a lil bit but a lot of the time i still feel pretty awful which sucks but thats just life i suppose **why it took so long for a closure** Personally i felt like it didn't really matter but that was just my bad mindset blocking out the community for no reason like i dunno why but i just stopped caring even though there were a lot of people who enjoyed reading this and im really sorry for the long wait to close this out its just i wasn't feeling great at the time and i just wanted to be by myself honestly i like to be on my own when i am feeling down most of the time as i always end up hurting people i dont want to or upsetting a great community such as yourselves but either way i thank you for supporting me those 11 days that i did **my opinion on league as of now** I dont dislike league anymore which is a good thing but at the same time i still dont enjoy it as much as i used to back in the early seasons but that is most likely me slowly getting fed up of the game i just hope that maybe they freshen up the game a lot more with the runes rework i guess we will wait and see but for now league isn't bad and i still have fun playing my main and climbing the ranks! Thanks for all the support you guys! i really appreciate it. For anyone that supported me this far I would like to thank you so much its been a lot of fun and if you guys would like to play a game with me or get to know me then please add me on EUW Im always up for a game. Have fun on the Rift guys! :D see you all soon
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