i honestly can't handle the flame anymore

i am getting flamed every single game, just last game everyone flamed as usual, called me a troller, feeder and useless noob. after i surpassed my bad kda and somehow got back into the game, everyone just kept quiet, then leona from our team said "i go afk you are all useless NOOBS", guess what, after we have won the game, they all honored her. would have been fine with that if she hadn't flamed and she wasn't even hitting her spells.. when will the flame stop, do something about this please. no matter how much i report it just keeps on happening. all you can do is mute them but the damage has already been done and all you can do is either not answer in any way or write something like "XD" or defend yourself. please.. i have never encountered such flame in my entire life of playing games, and it's every single game, no exceptions.
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