Should i get chat restricted for this?

Game 1 Pre-Game ( was typing this for the lols, everyone was joking) JengaWarlord: yourick JengaWarlord: pick skin JengaWarlord: now JengaWarlord: or buy JengaWarlord: ffs heca JengaWarlord: thanks In-Game ( in this game, lux was feeding enemy vayne so i was trying to tell her to play safe, she dididnt listen and was just inting. apperently rito decided that i was the cause of the problem... i mean, i said 4 things that was toxic, then the only thing i wrote was that we should move on. its funny that i get the report and the chat restriction and lux gets a free pass. Good Jobb riot.) JengaWarlord: they have no tank JengaWarlord: we have good team JengaWarlord: better jung JengaWarlord: better top JengaWarlord: better bot JengaWarlord: we win JengaWarlord: and mid JengaWarlord: never forget mid JengaWarlord: :) JengaWarlord: lux JengaWarlord: dont go aggressiv pls JengaWarlord: we win mid JengaWarlord: heca has easy to gank JengaWarlord: she pushes alot JengaWarlord: stop hitting minions JengaWarlord: lost game JengaWarlord: already JengaWarlord: yes JengaWarlord: vayne feed JengaWarlord: thanks to lux that is garbage JengaWarlord: no point trying to save this JengaWarlord: im behind already JengaWarlord: Yepp, my supp treoling JengaWarlord: gj JengaWarlord: well. my supp does notthing, thats fun JengaWarlord: PLAY SAFE!! JengaWarlord: SMART ASS JengaWarlord: DONT GO AGGRESSIV JengaWarlord: BRONZE NOOB JengaWarlord: just muted JengaWarlord: wow JengaWarlord: so low iq JengaWarlord: gj JengaWarlord: gj JengaWarlord: focus vayne next time JengaWarlord: insteed of nami JengaWarlord: yeah, as i said, its over JengaWarlord: gj mid JengaWarlord: i dont want u bot JengaWarlord: pls report my supp JengaWarlord: ... JengaWarlord: supp, u are unmuted now JengaWarlord: cus i hope u can see that you are garbage JengaWarlord: and should play this game JengaWarlord: you as a support should litsen to your add JengaWarlord: adc JengaWarlord: thx JengaWarlord: wp JengaWarlord: we dont got late bro JengaWarlord: they have vayne JengaWarlord: she will shut us down JengaWarlord: stop hopeing JengaWarlord: its over JengaWarlord: next game JengaWarlord: .... JengaWarlord: silver mind JengaWarlord: thats still bad JengaWarlord: everything below plat 1 is bad JengaWarlord: this is smurf JengaWarlord: lol JengaWarlord: they won us without vayne JengaWarlord: imagen with vayne JengaWarlord: its over JengaWarlord: just relax and hop on the next game bro JengaWarlord: mine to JengaWarlord: its ok JengaWarlord: just redo JengaWarlord: gj yorick JengaWarlord: lol JengaWarlord: i guess report heca for inting? JengaWarlord: what is that? JengaWarlord: aaa german? JengaWarlord: que? como JengaWarlord: worth JengaWarlord: ultimate weapon JengaWarlord: for a ocean JengaWarlord: really JengaWarlord: gj yorick JengaWarlord: GG
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