Permanently banned FOR WHAT ?????????????????????

I Got permanently banned for no reason. Whole team were premades and decided to report me couse they sucked and raged whole game on me and i didint even said a bad word NO BAD WORD. Tribunal is so useless. Pls say i got banned for calling them kids, where majority of this game is 11-16 yr old kids. I Dont believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Game 1 xNinjagOx: ok xNinjagOx: u 2 xNinjagOx: bye xNinjagOx: turret xNinjagOx: here xNinjagOx: gj yasuo xNinjagOx: good job xNinjagOx: bronze 5 yasuo xNinjagOx: BRONZE 5 xNinjagOx: hes 5/0 xd xNinjagOx: retarded xNinjagOx: u keep sucking XD xNinjagOx: hes 11 yr old kid xNinjagOx: bye xNinjagOx: Report this team xNinjagOx: ty xNinjagOx: pros xNinjagOx: Welcome to xNinjagOx: Xdddddddddddd xNinjagOx: Xdddddddd xNinjagOx: Xddddddd xNinjagOx: Xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd xNinjagOx: 11 yr old kid logic xNinjagOx: thank god xNinjagOx: report yasuo for playing xNinjagOx: useless team xNinjagOx: die xNinjagOx: Lux said im bad xNinjagOx: Xddd xNinjagOx: Xddddd xNinjagOx: 1/6 xNinjagOx: Xdddddd xNinjagOx: Xdddddd xNinjagOx: Kids xNinjagOx: learn xNinjagOx: psychology xNinjagOx: KILL AN AFK xNinjagOx: gj xNinjagOx: bronze kid xNinjagOx: Lol what xNinjagOx: Whats so funny xNinjagOx: ?? xNinjagOx: tell me xNinjagOx: how am i supouse to understand xNinjagOx: chek my winrate xNinjagOx: just do it xNinjagOx: now xNinjagOx: xNinjagOx: Y xNinjagOx: I CANT HANDLE 0/10 YASUO xNinjagOx: THINK WHAT U SAY xNinjagOx: whats so funny xNinjagOx: couse i said the truth xNinjagOx: haha xNinjagOx: nice joke xNinjagOx: hah xNinjagOx: tell me atleast on e bad word xNinjagOx: that i said xNinjagOx: 1 word xNinjagOx: kids ? xNinjagOx: is it xNinjagOx: i dont rage lol xNinjagOx: y xNinjagOx: we have a chance xNinjagOx: xDDDDDDDDD xNinjagOx: xDDDDDDD xNinjagOx: WHAT AF xNinjagOx: WHAT A JOKE xNinjagOx: hahaha xNinjagOx: xd xNinjagOx: do i flame ? xNinjagOx: tell me a sentece ? xNinjagOx: where i flame xNinjagOx: just do it xNinjagOx: Report this team
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