Another permaban story.

Account: For the new season, and because i love climbing i made a new account some months ago. I leveled it up to level 30, and started playing ranked. First, i played the game with my childhood friend who didnt play the game since season 2, so he wasnt playing quite well, but we had fun together, thus, and because i wanted to learn some junlge, and on botlane all i wanted is to kill and snowball for fun and practice, we lost a lot of matches, and our mmr hovered around silver. My friend stopped playing the game, and i decided to climb alone, but this time i decided i'd take the game seriously. First you need to know, i was allways plat-diamond in my lol career as an adc main, and this time i didn't underestimate my opponents, and started powerfarming myself to victory with sivir and ashe. As you can see in my match histoy: 43 mins - 387 farm 21 mins - 198 farm 32 mins - 235 farm 39 mins - 310 farm etc... Some games went better than others, some games were clown fiestas and i just joined the purge instead of powerfarming, some games i lost, because i'm more like a scaling type of player instead of a "pick early champion and snowball" type, but my teammates noticed that i'm quite strong using certain champions, like sivir. Now you have to know that, in season 6 i was around diamond 4 diamond 3 mmr one tricking sivir, and i can use the spellshield quite well, thus if they bring thresh or blitz, they have almost 0 chance to pull me. My season 6 stats: So, overall i started to respect my enemies, and suddenly i changed my playstyle to the farming-scaling type, and today, i just logged in to get this message: I never used botting. This one account was never bought, sold, or shared. I guess the players in silver kept reporting me for cheating because of the spellshields and farm? Anyway, i'm quite disappointed in riot. I made a ticket, when they answer, i'll share it here.
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