So I got permanently banned...

So I got permanently banned, even tho I never start flaming someone first, I just fight back sometimes and the last one was against a troll that feed the whole enemy team and then disconnected. Being getting guys like this since ever and today I tilted. Still, I did not insulted anyone, but I was called a retard for tilting because of another game lost due to a troll/afker. Also, I never insulted someone else family, but once in 3-4 games someone insults mine. Where they banned? Rarely, close to never. What do I say when I "flame": I call feeders feeders, trolls trolls and sometimes I call someone who is flaming me and is a noob a noob. Resulta: Permanently banned. And them? Probably, almost sure, nothing. This is how trolls in RIOT take care of their game. They feed the trolls. What will I do? Use my others accounts to do the same others do, because I mean, 10 euros or one week you have a level 30 account and you can ruin games again. Others do it, will do just the same. Riot deserves it, because they are the biggest trolls. They never go after the real problem, they attack the consequences. Good job rito trolls. Worst game and worst company ever. Will take some comfort being a real flamer, troll and afker now. Also, will never again buy a skin. No need for skins when you are trolling, right?
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