14 days banned because our sup have no ward item and premades report me

well 14 days banned because im asking our sup too buy wards and say ss :D PREMADE POWA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ if we dont fed its a easy win in min 30+ shen wake up bot lane ty SO much how its hard too say ss ? or give a ping !? not u this bot lane dude always lee and leona full cds coming on me because im playing 3v1 in mid lane becaus eu CANT say ss OPEN UR EYES ! u saw my ward? or not ? what u wnat from ryze he needs faqrm stop suicide in jungle u see them 1? theyr focusing leona XD ty shen :D we r ded and u farm mid stop flame i died much because leona gankedm its waste of time too talk a person like u muted help team or il report u ward nice shen let the pro shen farming and buy 0 wards reoprt shen for troll 0 ward no ward item And flameing no ss im not trust me eya ask the pro shen who cant say ss so i have too play 3v1 in alne why he dont have a ward item ?! when hes sup last game i was 30/5 with kass u know why 1? because our jungle gives me blue and our team Saying ss > another baron because we have 0 wards thanks sehn 9x shen pls
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