A message for perma banned players who are annoyed about the money they invested in the account

think of it this way: let's say you work for a company that gives its employees cars for daily use let's say you occsionally customize the car because you like making it look good: leather seats, stereo, racing stripes, etc one day you run a red light. cop pulls you over, gives you a ticket and deducts points from your licence time goes by, you park next to a fire hidrant, you get deducted some more points and the cop warns you to behave more time goes by and you are caught speeding. cop pullks you over, takes away your licence for two weeks and gives you your last warning...which you break at some point after the suspension and the cop takes away your licence. the company who gave you the car takes it away and puts it in the garage, upon discovery of your misuse of it. They tell you they will never give it back to you even if you get your licence back because they don't trust you with it any more! you can still look at it and admire the customizations you made for it but you can neither take them away nor use it again because you didn't know how to appreciate it the first time {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} clear enough for you? edit: if you want to get technical about it and rant about the problems with my premise, please don't! nobody likes a smartass! :P
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