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So today i was suspended 14 days because i was kinda tilted with the players that are playing this game. I think i wasnt toxic at all, i write and i explained everything. Game 1 Pre-Game LasanhaDeAtum: ok LasanhaDeAtum: lec wannabe players LasanhaDeAtum: gg wp guys In-Game LasanhaDeAtum: 1-7 0-10 LasanhaDeAtum: n LasanhaDeAtum: ? LasanhaDeAtum: what a flamer LasanhaDeAtum: for sure LasanhaDeAtum: he wants to flame me of everything LasanhaDeAtum: he will flame me for everything idkw LasanhaDeAtum: i wasnt muted?xD LasanhaDeAtum: she came from the base LasanhaDeAtum: get gamesense ffs LasanhaDeAtum: instead of flaming the others LasanhaDeAtum: ffs LasanhaDeAtum: we can already ff LasanhaDeAtum: report jax for toxic LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: dude LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: nvm sona LasanhaDeAtum: he is just a 12years kid LasanhaDeAtum: for sure LasanhaDeAtum: nice focus jax LasanhaDeAtum: jax u are losing this game, idk if u noticed tbh LasanhaDeAtum: now with kata ultied by sona u focus pyke LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: i was trying to teach u how to play but ok xD LasanhaDeAtum: just report him LasanhaDeAtum: report jax for toxic LasanhaDeAtum: and sona afk LasanhaDeAtum: he flamed everyone LasanhaDeAtum: he has no gamesense, focusing pyke when kata is stunned by sona LasanhaDeAtum: u know the meaning of flame? LasanhaDeAtum: google translate and learn LasanhaDeAtum: is this toxic? LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: "%%%%%%ed kid" "dont ping me animal" LasanhaDeAtum: we have cc for her LasanhaDeAtum: she has 18 in 27... LasanhaDeAtum: report jax pls LasanhaDeAtum: toxic Post-Game LasanhaDeAtum: report jax for flame LasanhaDeAtum: "%%%%%%ed kid" "dont ping me animal" LasanhaDeAtum: this is toxic and verbal abuse LasanhaDeAtum: yes LasanhaDeAtum: because jax cant stun u LasanhaDeAtum: but he insta flame the others LasanhaDeAtum: so bad player LasanhaDeAtum: jax pls go to normal games LasanhaDeAtum: and learn how to play ur champ LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: sona ahahahahah LasanhaDeAtum: look what did he said xD LasanhaDeAtum: god LasanhaDeAtum: ahhhh LasanhaDeAtum: and he said he wasnt toxic LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: "%%%%%%ed ahri" LasanhaDeAtum: "dont ping me animal" LasanhaDeAtum: report him LasanhaDeAtum: hope riot watch the chat LasanhaDeAtum: and he said i was toxic when i said that he is 12years old kid LasanhaDeAtum: xD Game 2 Pre-Game LasanhaDeAtum: annie or ahri? In-Game LasanhaDeAtum: camp mid LasanhaDeAtum: nice roam LasanhaDeAtum: varus is okay, his farm i mean LasanhaDeAtum: next time wait for me get 6 and stop try to teach me how to play my champ, thanks LasanhaDeAtum: j4... LasanhaDeAtum: next time dont do red. LasanhaDeAtum: lmao easy kill LasanhaDeAtum: that j4 xD LasanhaDeAtum: he is just trying to gank mid xD LasanhaDeAtum: sleep what? LasanhaDeAtum: stfu LasanhaDeAtum: j4 LasanhaDeAtum: su LasanhaDeAtum: u cant do one single crab in jungle LasanhaDeAtum: what a good jungler LasanhaDeAtum: he cant LasanhaDeAtum: he is lost in jungle bro LasanhaDeAtum: all crabs to lee LasanhaDeAtum: this j4 xD LasanhaDeAtum: they've got 2 turrets LasanhaDeAtum: but we have herald LasanhaDeAtum: go next LasanhaDeAtum: just ff LasanhaDeAtum: its already lost. LasanhaDeAtum: dude LasanhaDeAtum: look j4 build, he has no dmg LasanhaDeAtum: i stunned 2 carries LasanhaDeAtum: and we cant killed 1 LasanhaDeAtum: j4? LasanhaDeAtum: int LasanhaDeAtum: just end pls LasanhaDeAtum: gg wp LasanhaDeAtum: adc diff LasanhaDeAtum: report gp and varus Post-Game LasanhaDeAtum: gp thinks pings and talk its toxic LasanhaDeAtum: poor gp, doesnt know the meaning of the words LasanhaDeAtum: report varus int LasanhaDeAtum: what did i say? LasanhaDeAtum: and spam ping its toxic?xD LasanhaDeAtum: ahahahahahah LasanhaDeAtum: nice londish LasanhaDeAtum: he doesnt know Game 3 In-Game LasanhaDeAtum: invade? LasanhaDeAtum: early gank bot and gg LasanhaDeAtum: teemo no sums LasanhaDeAtum: should be easier now for ganks btw LasanhaDeAtum: nvm LasanhaDeAtum: thats okay LasanhaDeAtum: my gf says the same :))) LasanhaDeAtum: ff LasanhaDeAtum: 1v2 LasanhaDeAtum: jus ff LasanhaDeAtum: ya LasanhaDeAtum: u bad LasanhaDeAtum: gg LasanhaDeAtum: ahahahah LasanhaDeAtum: now my fault xD LasanhaDeAtum: muted kled LasanhaDeAtum: what a kid LasanhaDeAtum: 2-6 LasanhaDeAtum: get pinks and red trinket LasanhaDeAtum: we have combo LasanhaDeAtum: but we have 2 split LasanhaDeAtum: no sense LasanhaDeAtum: dont lose baron LasanhaDeAtum: ya LasanhaDeAtum: idk why 2 split LasanhaDeAtum: with baron LasanhaDeAtum: let me farm LasanhaDeAtum: gg LasanhaDeAtum: now just def LasanhaDeAtum: he is useless xD LasanhaDeAtum: .. LasanhaDeAtum: what the %%%% u want? LasanhaDeAtum: easy kill LasanhaDeAtum: but wtv LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: gg LasanhaDeAtum: top diff LasanhaDeAtum: report kled LasanhaDeAtum: toxic Post-Game LasanhaDeAtum: tell me the reason to report me LasanhaDeAtum: when kled was the guy throwing the game LasanhaDeAtum: all the game LasanhaDeAtum: typical yasuo LasanhaDeAtum: tell me when i was toxic LasanhaDeAtum: what did i say "toxic"? LasanhaDeAtum: tell me xD LasanhaDeAtum: i just talk LasanhaDeAtum: chat LasanhaDeAtum: chat it's not toxic LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: that sejuani LasanhaDeAtum: ahahahahah LasanhaDeAtum: go google translate LasanhaDeAtum: and learn some words LasanhaDeAtum: xD So please tell me why i am banned for 14 days.
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