Chat restriction and honor level drop

So I just got my chat restricted and my honor level dropped to 0. Riot gave me chat logs from these two games. In the first one there was a Jayce who spam pinged Bard. Bard refused to mute him and decided to troll instead. He literally said: "im not playing" in the game and I didn't receive any info about him getting punished. But i did because I told them both they were idiots and said '%%%%' three times. Is that really enough to get punished these days? And I don't even know why the second game is even included? (It's not that I opened mid, it's that 4 of us did.) Any criticism is welcome. Game 1 vikinator: no, he cant vikinator: seju will be at golems vikinator: care vikinator: dude i was botside vikinator: nice vikinator: nice ping gameplay guys :D vikinator: what the %%%% guys vikinator: just leave me to die vikinator: you realize that they dont have 5000 units range so you could stay close and stun for me vikinator: report bard troll pls vikinator: "im not playing" vikinator: yeah please we can still easily win vikinator: just mute the jayce then vikinator: and we will win vikinator: mute the dumb%%%% vikinator: and play with us vikinator: then jayce stfu vikinator: %%%% oyu vikinator: both reported vikinator: ward up baron vikinator: you are both %%%%ing idiots vikinator: says the 1/7 toplaner? vikinator: i got early double in mid vikinator: and kills bot too vikinator: exactly vikinator: he doesnt win if you mute him, he wins if you let him tilt you like that vikinator: :D :D :D vikinator: this jayce was the most toxic vikinator: report bard int and jayce flame vikinator: gg vikinator: report jayce bard Game 2 vikinator: ? vikinator: just go b and tp onto it vikinator: ff15 pls vikinator: do you want me to fight the shyvana who has double my farm? vikinator: i can do that if you want vikinator: should i? vikinator: i didnt flash to ks vikinator: if i didnt flash there he would live vikinator: i dont like this game either so lets just ff vikinator: either that or kassa flame, whichever you pref vikinator: lets open mid vikinator: only one said no vikinator: lets open mid vikinator: open top we wont def vikinator: let them vikinator: we wont fight vikinator: end pls
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