League-boring,toxic and poinltess ?

Hello everyone.I ve been playing lol since s6.In the beginning i played a lot of games. Somewhere in the end of S7 i started playing like normal or even not so much.Furthermore in the last 4,5 months there is a time where i don't even want to play. I usually play lol when i have free time and it s like 2, 3 hours. The thing i ve noticed is it becomes boring,idk why and every game people are so toxic. Most of them are like tilted kids who play all day, play the easiest champs and say EZ Ez and you suck and stuff like that,trying to tilt you. From these flamers the game becomes pointless.No focus on gameplay but insulting someone behind the monitor and trolling your team. Tell me, don't you think lol is not the thing it was ?? I m really thinking of deleting it once and for all because i m not addicted to this game. I was like before 1,2 years. Share your experience
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