another 1 v 9

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another 1 v 9 bot game. i havent shown the bots names becuase apparently riot wants to protect them. how can such cancer exist, that someone who just wants to play some chilled co-op pve has to struggle so much? like honestly this has been going on for years and none of the %%%%% staff has the balls to reply to these posts or even speak about it on AMA's or talks. if you work at Riot and this is in your department, sincerely, %%%% you. i'm so incredibly butthurt about how many times this shit happens and FOR YEARS NOW, if someone %%%%ing INTS as hard as that, they should be banned within 3-10 games MAX!! how can a program who ints continuously even make it to level 30 for them to sell the account???? HOW SLOW ARE YOU PEOPLE??? %%%% ok rant over ^^ on a serious note though, can anyone link me to a post from a rioter about there plans for bots?
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