Who or what is a 'noob'? [Your daily general knowledge booster]

Hey guys, hope you are having a great time with this game, no sarcasm intended. We often come across our team-mates using the term 'noob' while refering to another player who has made some mistake or isnt playing quite well. It is seen as a form of greeting in this game, where players who dont even know to say hello in english knows whom to call 'noob'. Now, what actually is 'noob'? Someone who just made a small mistake or died to first blood? If you google 'what is a noob', you will get the following definition: _a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet._ Someone who does make a mistake or makes a bad play, or is having a bad game (Or someone who does not take the game seriously and is having fun) cannot scientifically be called a noob. However, in every sphere of technology, there are noobs, so there has to be one in this game too. _But who?_ if we go by the definition provided, it has to be someone who is 'inexperienced in a particular sphere of activity'. Since league is an 'e-sport' where who go in a team of 5v5 and 'co-operate' with one another to win, the real noobs here are : 1. People who do not co-operate but call the other person 'noob' 2. Those who keep flaming, without the sense of team spirit and discouraging team-mates instead of helpful advice 3. People who keep blaming the game for 'game-modes' 'skins' 'sales' and other content 4. "I want the soloQ" back: Seriously, this is a 5v5 game, so going premade in the new queue is the whole logic behind the new queue. I also find experienced players crying over this! Arent these the real noobs? As the definition?
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