Ridiculous ban rules

I know a bunch of riot workers with regular names will jump and defend riot here, but regular people please listen. The way the chat and ban works is MESSED UP. Now I got a 24 chat restriction for 3 games where I do not say anything wrong. What is this, some kind of 3rd world dictatorship? You cannot even talk on the chat now? I got people insulting me non stop, and I just said words like "why you dont come gank?" "why you let me die on purpose" "I couldn't help you i was low health, i was gonna die ffs" "you and your premade are trolling the game, stop". Man I am so upset because I spent money on skins but that is over. I will not spend a dime on this game anymore. This is the reason why you get these players that then dont say a word and play game after game trolling, because this non sense system makes them upset and then they decide to do it. If you add them after match and ask them nicely, they will say this. Riot I hope that, just like me, people stop spending money on this game. Your authoritative rules deserve you going bankrupt. Or maybe you do it on purpose so people start from scratch and spend more money getting champs again, which is even worse. EDIT: as expected, riot employees come here to post and downvote. I hope some regular players get my point. I do never flame or even say anything negative if someone makes a mistake. But if someone flames me hard, or comes int my lane, ofc I will say something. I am not your slave. Do waht you want with my account and congrats stealing my money with the content i bought, thieves.
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