Stupid arguments and the reality

**- " Their jungler ganked 5 times my lane "** Yeah, and you died 4 times out of 5 ganks, if If i was their jungler i'd babysit your lane also, cause you're an easy target. **- " You didn't gank my lane at all "** Yeah, so ? Play safe, i got plenty assists and kills on the other lanes, play safe and you'll win the game. The game doesn't revolve around you. It revolves around the good of the team, if other lanes are getting snowballed by your jungler, all you have to do is play safe and you'll eventually win. **- " You have so much less cs than your enemy laner"** I have so many more kills and assists than my enemy laner, that I have the gold advantage anyways even with less cs. What are you trying to prove? **- " No more ganks to your lane "** Okay, so don't gank, even if there's a good kill opportunity, see how that makes the game harder for you ... **You proceed to spam pings and to type for your team to wait for you, and they die 4v5, then they all go " OMG REPORT "** Well, you should all report yourselves, i made my intentions clear, and it was illogical for you to fight 4v5, why did you do it ? Or even if you got caught, why would you stay in a vulnerable position without a team member ? **You play support and you see a good opportunity for a gank on mid, you ping your ADC to play safe, you type that you'll gank mid, you go mid, get a kill for your midlaner, your ADC dies in the meanwhile, " OMG REPORT MY SUPP "** I am not your personal assistant, I'm the team's support, not your support, ADC players tend to get very narcissistic sometimes and think that the support should only be helping their asses and follow them around changing their diapers. **" 0 Dragons, wp jungler "** I cannot contest dragons alone, if you lose bot hardcore and mid also loses, it is almost impossible to contest dragons
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