Permanent bans shouldn't exist

I think it's been about two years since I was permanently banned. I've been playing on and off on secondary accounts with my old high school friends for old times sake. It's somewhat sad to have to play on these "smurf" accounts, because it doesn't feel like it's "the real me" playing. I understand how, for people like IWD, losing an account might not be that big of a deal. They make money off the game and can play tenths of hours a week. For more casual players, like I've become (I used to play soo much, way too much. And i would take the game too seriously.), losing your account is pretty big. It's like being exiled. You can start anew but you'll never get where you once were. I had, I believe, over 700.000 mastery points with my favourite champion and 5 or 6 of her skins. That's all been lost. Real money is not something I'm in abundance of so there is no way I'll be starting the collection again. I recently submitted a ticket to the support page asking if there was any way to transfer those to another account. There isn't, not for the support team, at least. My ban came about after several chat restrictions and one 2 week ban, two years ago. I was in highschool, i really hated it. Most of the time I queued up angry just to get even more angry while playing. It wasn't healthy. I have since, finished high school and started studying something I'm passionate about, I don't hate my life anymore and that's changed the way I view everything, which is why I believe there is no point on my account being banned anymore. As I understand, permanent bans have the purpose of banishing the player from the community so he doesn't contribute to it negatively. I like to think I have moved on from that. The only thing that is gained from maintaining the ban by any of the sides (me/Riot) is, maybe, money, on Riot's part, from buying back all the skins I had on this account. And, as I've said, I don't play this game enough anymore to put money into starting over my skin collection. I think permanent bans are *too long*, players have plenty of time to change what is wrong in their lives with bans much *shorter than that*. I think they should be replaced by 1 or 2 year bans. I'm gonna do a poll on this, cause I like doing polls. Edit: I'm not native, excuse any weird sounding sentences. Edit: I'd like to get someone from Riot on this, i really think the current system could use some improvement. TL;DR: I think one year or two is more than enough for a banned player to change what's making their lives miserable enough to get permananned for their behavior, especially considering such a high percentage of the playerbase is teenaged. I think permanent bans should be replaced with 1 or 2 year bans.
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