is this toxic?

I asked support why the %%%% after 400 games my honor progrees hasnt changed, still at level 0. (not in those words, im just pissed) [0:08] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): glhf [0:49] cheiften98 (Ashe): teemo and yi are easy [0:53] cheiften98 (Ashe): check your downloads dude [0:59] cheiften98 (Ashe): steam? [1:10] cheiften98 (Ashe): max e teemo [1:16] cheiften98 (Ashe): and just constantly poke [1:25] cheiften98 (Ashe): teemo [1:30] cheiften98 (Ashe): you bought wrong start item [1:53] cheiften98 (Ashe): your not a tank bro [1:55] cheiften98 (Ashe): you need ap [5:08] cheiften98 (Ashe): ... [6:42] cheiften98 (Ashe): np [6:51] cheiften98 (Ashe): veiger [6:54] cheiften98 (Ashe): dude are u serious [7:00] cheiften98 (Ashe): 1 death i get [7:01] cheiften98 (Ashe): but 3 [7:02] cheiften98 (Ashe): come on [7:12] cheiften98 (Ashe): ?? [7:14] cheiften98 (Ashe): im askng nicely [7:50] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): report veigar, afk [8:05] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): im not raging [8:11] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): he's sitting in spawn [8:16] cheiften98 (Ashe): im not flaming [8:23] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): im not flaming [8:37] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): you can report me if you want, nothing will happen because i didnt do anythign wrong [8:39] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): i asked nicely [8:43] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): then he told me to stfu [8:59] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): ty [9:24] cheiften98 (Ashe): ye it will [9:26] cheiften98 (Ashe): your afk [9:30] cheiften98 (Ashe): thats reportable [9:52] cheiften98 (Ashe): no the veigar [10:06] cheiften98 (Ashe): your not getting reported yi, you have internet issues [10:07] cheiften98 (Ashe): it will [10:14] cheiften98 (Ashe): reports do work [11:30] cheiften98 (Ashe): steal my kill [12:09] cheiften98 (Ashe): first match of the day ruined by a toxic veiger [12:21] cheiften98 (Ashe): no its alright [12:38] cheiften98 (Ashe): dont worry yi [13:11] cheiften98 (Ashe): 1 hit then [13:15] cheiften98 (Ashe): 1 hit did that to me [13:20] cheiften98 (Ashe): so fed.. [13:38] cheiften98 (Ashe): he's just gonna get punished [13:46] cheiften98 (Ashe): a ban or some sort of penalty [14:24] cheiften98 (Ashe): gj yi [14:28] cheiften98 (Ashe): and teemo [16:09] cheiften98 (Ashe): nice [16:53] cheiften98 (Ashe): give me some kills [16:55] cheiften98 (Ashe): and we can win [17:08] cheiften98 (Ashe): feed me [17:08] cheiften98 (Ashe): xD [18:01] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): really [18:07] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): how did u not die... [25:12] cheiften98 (Ashe): why did veigar go in on 10 hp [26:17] cheiften98 (Ashe): whats your build teemo xD [28:02] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): remeber to report veigar... [28:03] [All] cheiften98 (Ashe): gg sorry what, how the fak is this considered toxic? "its not the most toxic of games but could be improved on" i got 2 honors this game. for being nice to the yi and teemo.
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