Please end Troll Support and more

My gaming experience is currently plagued by trolls. Pre game chat from mainly players selected to play support say/do nothing but: I cant play support. I have no support character (lie) (threatens to troll if no one swaps etc) + Trolls that ban champs that players have picked for the fun of it. _**Surely a pre game report tab for each character would help make things easier ?? or even limit what characters/items are available to choose for that selected role.**_ _**also, there should be more reasons added to the options for reporting negative attitude tab isn't enough for the levels of trolling taking place**_ Example: keeps threatening to go afk keeps stealing farm (from adc/jung) Keeps Kill stealing Left his/her lane early to go and troll another lane **This ruins the game for everyone, and is completely putting me off investing more money etc**

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