Unjustified Perma Ban

I just got perma banned in a game where I only said 1 negative word all game (f*ck). I told Gragas that he will get reported for not playing the game. He didnt take ANY objectives and wastyping instead of playing the actual game. After I told him that he will get banned because my team and the enemy team will report him he just told me that someone he knows or someone from his family works at RIOT and I find it unacceptable that he probably doesnt get punished and my account gets permabanned just because he KNOWS someone from RIOT. It's not fair to know that people that know RIOT members have priorities and can use these priorities without even thinking. I had some bans in the past and I know that I was toxic back then but I seriously changed and it cant be that i get a permaban for 1 game where I say "f*ck" one time. The other things I wrote where just true. He griefed, flamed the jungler for not ganking once, me roaming mid was "stealing gold" for him, he flamed the enemy midlaner (he was midlane) that he/she lost lane, that he was better, that he got camped. He told the enemy midlaner "you are only winning because you have a jgl... and a team" . I seriously want any RIOT employee to look into it, I may not be the best player but I seriously dont deserve this ban. never. These are my messages for the game: > Pre Game Lobby: > > > In Game: > [All]mąkı: hartz 4 und die welt gehört dir > mąkı: ult to me > mąkı: asnojiafsjiofasl+püf > mąkı: tilted > mąkı: STOP TYPING > mąkı: anD PLAY > mąkı: gj gragas > mąkı: nice > mąkı: important > mąkı: message for kil > [All]mąkı: report gragas > [All]mąkı: look at him > [All]mąkı: standing on mid an ulting > mąkı: instead of pushing > mąkı: 0-6 > mąkı: trolling > mąkı: im happy if we lose and u get your ban lol > mąkı: i can win other games > mąkı: surr > mąkı: and report gragas > mąkı: gragas sorry this is the game u will get ur ban > mąkı: haha > mąkı: dont cry tho > mąkı: lol > mąkı: kid > mąkı: you got camped and are still 1-7 > mąkı: flaming > mąkı: wasting ur ult > mąkı: youre griefing like no other > mąkı: MAN > mąkı: THEN GO TOP WHEN IM MID > mąkı: YOU GOT CAMPED BY SHACO AND I ALSO HELPED U > [All]mąkı: just report grogus pls > [All]mąkı: x9 > [All]mąkı: let him get a ban > [All]mąkı: and u stood on mid instead of doing the tower > [All]mąkı: and died while typing > [All]mąkı: because you are a toxic %%%% gragas > [All]mąkı: IT WAS FOR GRAGAS > [All]mąkı: tomorrow. "a player you reported got banned thanks for your feedback" :D > mąkı: wie oft ich die nachricht shcon gelesen hab > mąkı: das wer gebannt wurde > mąkı: den ich reported hab > mąkı: kann ich nicht auf 4 händen zählen > > > Post Game Lobby: > mąkı: x9 him > mąkı: having a very bad day hahha > mąkı: 7.2k gold
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