Wishing someone cancer is bannable?

Captured with Lightshot
So i just played a game vs a really Toxic Jinx (you know, those people who are like "Halloween skins are out, lets play them and blame everyone who screws up my game") and i played 19/3 she played something about 3/5 and kept flaming her own team the whole team, wishing them to get cancer, die by cancer and everything... Is that really what a game community should be like? And the worst is, she reported me after the game for being non-toxic and im about to get a chat restriction again probably.... [12:04] Other Player: hey newb you suck get cancer [12:04] N o: 19/3 umm what? [12:04] Other Player: no money [12:04] N o: <3 [12:04] Other Player: no game sad kid [12:04] Other Player: so poor cant buy skins so poor fat kid [12:04] N o: 19/3 xD [12:04] Other Player: playing 24/7 :D ohoho [12:04] N o: Nah [12:04] Other Player: feeded by [12:04] N o: i play since open beta :3 [12:04] Other Player: silver and zilean :D gj newb get cancer
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