[RANKED] RIOT is "locking" the way we climb ladder in each split?

I think RIOT isn't telling all the truth about the way they "lock" our path to climb the ladder during each split. And it may vary in each league (Silver, Gold etc...). I've noticed last split I was hard stuck at **Bronze 1-5OLP**, then suddenly I was facing a series of defeats, everytime like 3-4 defeats in a row. During this split, it was VERY EASY to qualify to Silver 4 (very strange RIOT....). And the same thing is happening again, as I am hard stuck at **Silver 3-50LP**, then I suddenly get a series of defeats... So what I'm asking for is RIOT ceasing to take some players for brand idiots and telling how the ladder is locked in every league. I think we deserve some explanations. So that if I have to accept I AM NOT allowed to go higher than **Silver 3-50LP** during this split, THEN I will just play another MOBA waiting for the next split to begin. It has become such a parody on my account that I clearly see there is a mechanism triggered. **So RIOT, it's time to talk about that mechanism in a CLEAR WAY. Thank you very much.**
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