How to get out of the ban circle?

Hi guys, im literally banned the 3th time in a row now (35 draft pick wins) and i just dont know how to get out of these ban circles. The first ban was O.K. in my opinion because I tended to flame sometimes when I got mad (i was in lower elo back then). The following 2 bans just made no sense for me. The second one I got for, ehm, writing in chat without using offensive words, i was just writing in chat giving advices and give my team options what they could do ingame. I told them everything in a calm and normal way. Then i got my second ban. After that I decided to not chat anymore, just in champ select my prefered bans/lanes. No words ingame, no words post game. Suddenly i got my 3rd ban. Is this system totally not working and just 100% random? I mean, if i dont even do anything wrong and i get reported for whatever by my team or enemy team, can i still get a ranked ban?? How stupid would this be? Im rly thinking of just buying a new account without negative reports in the past, just because i dont have the patience to play this over and over again, because i got the feeling, it will never end. please give me an advice or tell me the logic behind this. thx! Btw: After the second ban i wrote the support that i dont understand why im banned again, they told me the copy paste text of offensive words and verbal abuse. i asked them for a proof, cause i havent written ingame since i ended my draft win punishment from the second ban, and they said they couldn't proof this, but they are sure that the punishment is ok and they wont undo it.
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