Why is there no option to disable chat?

Hi there. This account is unfortunately banned from the game because I was a toxic POS. I know it's deserved, I have lots of excuses / reasons for being a pos but that's not the point. I requested that my account be permanently chat restricted after the 2 week ban as I noticed the restriction stopped me from flaming several times. This request was denied. I pleaded that the for the chat restriction to be permanent but they would not allow it. A few weeks later my account was gone. I do not understand why we do not have the option to completely disable the chat? It is acknowledged that their is a problem with toxicity in this game isn't it? If not, really?... If so, then why can't we have this option? I would have used it for the betterment of myself and my team mates. I truly believe that the chat is used for toxicity the majority of the time. Maybe that's wrong? With the above statement, I do not believe that someone not being In the chat would cause their team to have a disadvantage. Thoughts?
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