They tell you reconnect so that they can blame you

So I was palying at Top **Ryze **vs Jax suddenly the Champion is stuck in every wall I move near, Any single F wall i move next to the Champion gets stuck and Then suddenly the character moves delayed as in if I pressed Q and moved to another destination the Character stops, moves to the destination and shots Q in the false destination, So I told them that and they told me to reconnect, So I reconnected twice in 3 minutes because the problem kept happenning suddenly we have no Mid-lane, So I go fight with the Team and suddenly Vladmir always goes Flash+E+Q on me to burst me down at the Back (Ofcourse he died in these three times where he rushed into me with flash or not to burst me down faster than the speed of light because how the F can a level 12 Ryze stand a chance vs a lv14 Vladimir Because 0.1s gameplay is fun) Then we lost and both the ADC and Support are blaming me for the loss and that I was AFK all time even thought I asked them and no one refused the reconnection, Then I told them I didn't lose the lane and I even beat Jax in lane, Why would I be blamed for the loss? So they replied by "He was here and did things and you weren't" At the stats, Jax is 9k Damage at min 27 and I'm 10k because of the wasted 5 Minutes in reconnection. Then my Duo who is the Jungle just leaves the team ignoring me because everyone in the team is blaming **Ryze **for the loss. So yeah, Perfect attitude.

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