Rito = Cash? Or?

I always respected Rito for being honest and caring for their players, but now I really start to get my doubts about Rito :/ I got Chat Restricted (with a reason) and I dearly learned from it. I noticed I was getting more and more stressed from League and I am actually glad I got it. Now I still get penaltized for no more seasonal rewards, wtf? So I got punished, and now I get quadruple punished? Without a single warning? I understand if people are continuesly verbal and continuesly penaltized its an option. But this should be a lst resort? Maybe do it like: First time: 5 games chat restriction.. Second time: 10 games chat restriction.. Third time: 10 games chat restriction, 10 games low priority queue.. Fourth time: 3 days ban Fifth time: 1 week ban 6th time: No more hextech rewards 7th time: perma ban? To me that sounds way more fair! Or something like First: 5 games chat restriction Second: 10 games chat restriction Third: 1 week ban Fourth: no more hextech season rewards Fifth: Perma ban But with this option people that show good behavior can go up a scale again. Like myself :/ I had 1 bad, bad week and I am punished a whole year for it. That's super.. super.. super unfair.
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