F* this game

Hey, i just got perma banned and i would like to share my thoughts on this shitty game and its developers. First of all you are a bunch of greedy mofos that only release new skins on a weekly basis to get more money instead of fixing the champs balance as soon as possible or reworking old ass champs with boring 5year old kits. I could live with that. But when i get punished for raging when i get matched with a team of 4 silvers and my enemy team has plats ( i am plat too but it was flex ) is just too much. I literaly told my midlaner that their plat 2 twitch is good on his champ and he will gank mid lv 2. Ofcorse our midlaner died. And not once, 5 consecutive ganks in a timespan of 3 mins. He died every single time. And i didnt rage yet. i just told him to stop dying so much since the enemy adc was afk for the first 15mins of the game. But no literaly everyoen had to die no matter how many times i pinged. But i still managed to go 17 9 4 and tried to carry. But no my %%%%%%ed silver teammated lost to them. Even their twitch whow as the highest rank on their team said sorry for you. He felt bad i had to play with such bad teammates that flamed me for some reason when i told them their mistakes and how to fix them. Ofcorse we lost and i told my teamamtes they were trash. ( some worse lenguage might have been used ) but still . i was the best player from both teams. i think i got the right to tell people they were shit. Instead of bannign people that rage when they lose 5 consecutive ranked games coz of %%%%%%s like those you should punish peopel that have consecutive bad games. Thats %%%%ED UP . I get punished for getting mad when i could win so easily but my team literaly lost it for me. I used to be very toxic but i reformed. I try to stay positive but that is very hard when your adc dies to a vayne that was afk for 15mins. its %%%%ign pathetic. I find it very funny that someone saying bad words is more punishable than someone going 0 12 , 10 games in a row and still doesnt even get a warning or a short term ranked ban. here are links so noone says i lied abut the game: http://puu.sh/xfEdV/4155e34445.jpg http://puu.sh/xfEcA/b6d10e5721.jpg ok i vented. %%%% thsi game, %%%% riot. The game will die out in 1-2 years anywayas so i hope you greedy %%%gots hoard up as much as possible before you have to find somethign new :) i legit hope all of you at the tribunal get cancer. oh and your perma ban wont stop me my goal from now on is to intentionaly feed in ranked games so people will stop playing the game as soon as possible :) have a wonderful day and hope you dont see me in ranked
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