People who blame others

I have noticed that people blames others when there playing horribly them self?, I'm trying to become a positive player in League and any game but when people blame others it makes me so mad because by watching them play they make the most terrible plays and they go in chat "Team sucks" bla bla bla, You get my draft right?, last game, We had a rengar who didnt know how to counter gank so i gave him advice and he blamed me for his mistakes.... ????, This confused me so much, Lee camped my bottom lane so i asked ranger if he could counter gank, Gave me abuse then tried to 5vs1, Riven blamed everyone else for "Her mistakes" "This team" ... Riven was 5/5.... lol then died again, Got caught then started to flame so i muted both off them, Lee was bot most of them game, 0 counter gank or when he did he tried to 3vs1 or 5vs1 lol xD
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