Intentional feeding too loosely used

I just figured out that "inting" meant. I thought it mean "Engaging the enemy" or initializing or something. but I googled it and found that it meant intentional feeding. -The definition of intentional is something done on purpose. -having to do with intention or purpose. -done purposely; intended Now lets say you engage in a fight and perceive that you have a advantage. But your judgments are wrong and you end up loosing. You did not intend to die on purpose in this situation. But to a more experienced player who is looking at the fight and determine for himself that its a lost battle from the start, it could look as intended "feeding" to him. So there is no real way to know unless you are inside the other players head. Now if your jungler comes to your lane and engages with your enemy and you dont help him out. He did not intent to fight that battle alone. He intended to be 2vs1. He intended to win the fight. What scenario's would you consider Intentional feeding. And do you see ppl using the term "inting" in chat when that is not the case too?
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