My experience and opinion on player behaviour in League...

Recently I decided to try and give League another chance. I created a new account and started playing. Soon enough I received a 10 game chat restriction. Reason? I tilted at others intentionally throwing games (not new players), others flaming me and enemies disrespecting with "gg easy", "hah easy, go uninstall" etc. I am a (very) friendly and calm person in real life, but League is something that can tilt me hard. Trying to level up a new account, without playing only 1-3 games a day and not receive X sort of punishment before level 30 is almost impossible. Notice, I said almost. To bare with this nonsense that goes on here, you must be dead inside and used to being trash talked at. Riot doesn't support you neither. After getting multiple win streaks you're bound to get someone, that has toxic game play and language. This, how ever, will flip you at some point. For example, last game I played started with a person flaming everyone in champ selection. He said, let me quote, " > Suck my dick kids, hope your whore moms burn in fire after this game, I truly hope". This person then picked second jungle and locked in. In-game he continued to be toxic in every possible way. My top laner, died twice, left her lane and refused to communicate with the team. For 50 minutes, all she/he did was AFK push lanes. He/She did not attend a single team fight. At which, after 45 minutes, I tilted and said "*champion name*, could you please fucking start playing?". The game ended with a loss, that I happily gave to the enemies, because I was already so sick of this match. Now, you might ask why are you saying road to level 30 is hard? Because players below level 30 get basically instantly punished for even saying "GGWP" or "Hi" or "GL", as long as someone finds this offensive towards them (fun enough, the "having opinion in 2016" MEME fits here perfectly). Many people flame you and later report you, if you end their kill spree. After all these nonsense reports, you're bound to get punished, because the automated system takes everything out of context and the high number of nonsense reports also start to matter at some point. Also, it has been confirmed by RIOT, that low level accounts (AKA <30) get punished faster and harder, because you know "new players shouldn't be toxic, but veterans can". I'm not saying I support toxicity, but there should be drawn a line, where someone that says they hope your mother dies etc and person, that says daily used words by even many of RIOT'ers like "fuck" and other not so commonly used in real life, but very common in games like "noob", "gtfo" etc. Funnily enough, the person, that was EXTREMELY toxic, did not get punished yet. How do I know that? Because I reported them and no message has popped up yet. Anyways, this is where I'm going to end this post, because I don't feel like writing anymore and I would actually like to know, what I got punished for. EDIT: PS: There was a news, that claimed that even RIOT's employees are found to be extremely toxic in their games and many have gotten fired and many have had "given a chance" to fix themselves. EDIT2: Found out I had only 2/3 "toxic" games required to get a punishment. One of the games was the one I described and other one was, where I asked a toxic player to AFK, since they had no intention to help toward the victory.
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