Punnishment lvl!

So, basically, for what i read here, in the player behavior, section can be described as follows: 1.Someone posts literally any reason why he was unfairly punished: - Gets a bunch of down votes. - Comments say he deserved it no matter what. 2. Someone posts that he was punished too harsh: - Gets a bunch of down votes. - Comments say he deserved it no matter what. (Seriously seen a post of a guy who got perma for calling someone a "moron" 2-3 games and just being negative towards them in general but nothing of insults and people agreed with a punishment). 3. Criticize negatively, LITERALLY, anything about this game: - Gets a bunch of down votes. - Comments say he is wrong and deserves to be punished. I dont know if this is crowded by trolls or just "league sluts". But you could even agree that if someone does anything negative, it should get perma banned. Its like saying someone should always receive death penalty no matter the crime. You are just so thirsty for blood... And then you come here complaining about trolls and afks and intentional feeders, well those are the ones that dont flame because they dont care, and I know for sure that at a certain point you all slip out and talk sht to these kind of players, you just got the luck of not getting reported otherwise you would be perma banned and would come here cry like the others instead of down voting and agreeing with everything riot stands for. Also, how ironic is that this has one of the most harsh punishment systems I have ever seen and yet is still the most, so called, "toxic community" in games community. Keep perma banning people I ensure that most of them wont play this game as regularly as they did, and you will see the trolls, afk and intentional feeders % increasing because those don't flame, the ones that do that, care enough to try to win the game, the others don't care, so they don't talk, and then you will see your ranked games crawled with this people lets see if you dont start losing your sht and come here and cry. Never applied so well the saying: "violence generates more violence", but instead is riot being negative to people to harshly which leads to a more negative environment. PS: And since, I m usually right, yes, down vote this and comment how the punish system is efficient and people deserve to get perma banned if they are not positive all the time, you will just make my point and give me reason. UPDATE: This was so quick then in less than 30 secs, got 2 down votes, i.e. people read the first lines and immediate downvote, damn how right I am...
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