Griefing "diamond" Ezreal

So I just played a normal blind pick game, where an Ezreal player instantly calls adc and locks in Ezreal. Fair enough, he called it first, then at the last second where our Ahri thought she was going mid, he said: "no, Im going mid, you go adc ahri", so she didnt have the chance to change (if she wanted to do so). When we got into the game the enemy team invaded and Kha´Zix got a lot of kills, which would later help him counter-jungle the f out of me (I was jungle). But after the invade was over, I started clearing as normal, I took all my camps, got to my wraiths at level 3, and I noticed that Ezreal intentionally tried to last hit the big one, I would consider this griefing. Then as the game went onwards he kept ON AND ON, spam pinging me, ALL THE F ING TIME, and I kindly asked him to stop, which he didn´t. At one point he started to follow me throughout the jungle, standing and watching while I take a camp, and then try to last hit it when it was low enough. He continued spam pinging me, and tried SO F ING HARD to trigger me, and I guess he did. Cause I had enough, I told him "stfu and %%%", which is ofc. not acceptable, but that´s what happens when you get too triggered. But anyway, this is not about me, cause I probably got reported for saying %%%, and riot games will have no trouble finding the proof of that in the chatlog, but this Ezreal will not be punished because there is no proof, and I find it so HEARTCRUSHINGLY unfair, that a PIECE OF S like this, that intentionally tries to TRIGGER tHE F out of his teamate, goes 1 - 5 in lane, and tries to grief you as hard as you can, goes unpunished. I have video proof of the whole thing, but sadly naming and shaming is against Riot games policy, so instead if a Rioter reads this, then PM me if you care to look through the game, and I will send you the video. Oh, and btw. I am totally sure that this Ezreal was either boosted or bought his account on ebay, cause there is no way that he is diamond.
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