just permad ex-master player here, come to laugh (or cringe), smite me, and maybe talk about...

Game 1 st4Iker: SRY st4Iker: I THINK U COULD LIVE st4Iker: BUT SOMTHING BLOCK - Pastebin.com
...about the system (first post please forgive me AND BE CAREFUL ABOUT CLICKING IN THE CHAT LOGS) https://pastebin.com/ZvfHivmp I linked my chatlogs, be careful as it consists of really strong, islamophobic and homophobic language. I created this thread to give you guys some entertainment and maybe hear your opinions about the restriction system. To clear off some things: I put ex-master to bring some attention to the thread, not to brag. Regarding the chat logs, (not like it makes me less toxic) I didn't start the flame, neither did I start any of the conversations, I'm just a stupid 17 y/o who gets taunted easily so that is my lesson. I think it sucks a lot, but yeah I honestly think I did deserve the punishment, maybe the reality doesnt hit me so hard because I still think that perma chat-ban would be better, but then again I don't have a PhD in those things so Riot knows a lot better. So, what are your guys' thoughts on the system (how well it works, etc.) and on my restriction? I'm just looking to talk with some of my league brethren and hear out their thoughts.
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