Yet another thread about flamers

I guess I just need to vent this out, it is way too frustrating. Start a match, a promo one, and before we have even started 2 players are flaming picks, flaming runes, jungler saying I won't gank - and he didn't, and so on. I literally had all 4 other players from my team flaming at like min 3. We went 0 1 and a flame hell. I play this game less and less, and this will eventually end in not playing it at all. Is this what riot wants? Players that don't flame to leave and all flamers to stay? We need to have a league for no flamers. For example, I have honor level 3.2, let me play with only honor players. At least give me an option to do that, the flaming level I am sure will be less than this. Make it normals if you should, but give a way to play the game for non flamers please!
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