I dare you to prove me wrong

Life's Amazing Secrets - 10 Golden Keys by Gaur Gopal Das
Uploaded by ISKCON Youth Services on 2015-08-18.
Lately I have come to see that there is a subtle ''difference'' between what bunch of people that make up this community of League of Legends. What is the subtle difference? Alot of you guys, are no different. You speak the same way, you act the same way, you play the same way, and you VISION the EXACT the same way. I wanna point out the players that make up the majority of the community, and the so %%%%ing stupid blame game when you call someone ''what are you, bronze/silver/gold.?'' Cus obviously these are ''inferior'' ranks, but it doesn't make sense cus every %%%%tard that use this exist in ALL the different ranks. To me I couldn't give more %%%%s about what rank you are, I wanna look at the rank of your attitude more than anything. I wanna thank all the amazing players out there that are kind, focused and can take a loss, cus obviously these people will survive from cancer by being so positive. I dunno if you know, but scientists connect state of mind to be the key to fighting cancer. So in fact, if you cry to someone else to get cancer cus you are pissed and raving, you are more likely to get cancer, so be careful what you wish upon someone else. I am gonna give some tips on what to take into consideration for future games, and do send this to your %%%%tard of a friend that is toxic enough to be his/her own power industry.. First and foremost, this is science, ok? Scientists keep confirming over and over this law of the universe. Would you believe me if I said, who you are and who you have let yourself become is much based on your own decisions, and who you are now will give you exactly that which you reflect internally. Some of you might think atm ''Omfg what is this highass hippie talking about.. pft.. I'm outta here.'' Yeah, go then, cus obviously you are too much of a %%%%% to stick around, and do try to prove me wrong, I dare you. I dare you to prove me wrong that this law of the universe does NOT apply to YOU. The law of the universe - what goes around comes around. Ever wonder why you get alot of shit? Because in the easiest way to explain it, is that you already give yourself shit. HOW are you treating yourself? No other person has control over your emotions, but you, if you are affected by someone elses words, then you have given control to someone else, why would you? If you have gotten this far without being too affected by my way of expressing myself without going on a ranting spree, then congrats, you got some control of your own emotions. For you others, I just want you to know, that this was tailored to trigger you, if it succeeded, then you are NOT in control of your emotions. I want you to know, I manipulated you. If I could just with this simple setup, then ANYONE CAN MANIPULATE YOU. We as humans are constructed with chemical components and electricity that makes us mobile, and your mind is that which handles all this. You as a person can control what you let into your system (mind), your system being you and who you are. I wanna reference that your mind/system, is like a grass lawn, and the health of this lawn, is your responsability. I would describe too many league games looking like this, where each person is waging war on another, throwing shit on each others lawn that it is hoarded with trash and garbage and things that are not beautiful. The more time you and someone else spend their time on pointing at someone else and how they are taking care of their lawn (or lane), the less time that person get to focus to try and clean up the shit. Boom, congrats, you gave them more shit, and now it's more likely that they will take the shit you threw there, back at your own. Uncontrollable factors There are things out of your control, you will NOT be able to stop shit from coming onto your own lawn, but you can control your response to it. And if you respond to it in a healthy way, then it's more likely that less shit will happen. There is no bad team, only bad leaders. If you try to take charge of your team, then you better start developing your leadership skills, otherwise they obviously will not listen to you, or care about you or the outcome of the game. Be careful what you vision If 5 mins in and fb was given to enemy team and it looks 0/4 in teamscore, make sure you just stay silent, and focus on your own lawn. If your mind says: ''sigh.. not again.. we are gonna lose.. my team sucks.. assholes..'' yadda yadda. THAT is what YOU CREATED, based on NOTHING, it's just assumptions! This is the outcome, of YOU not taking control of your responses to your own mind, cus do you know what it tends to do? It LIES, it makes up lies, and eventually you will believe it, and it will tailor exactly that which you let yourself believe. Wanna prove me wrong? Then rebel your own mind, and see the outcomes of the next 30 games. However there is a big necessity to getting what you want in this aspect, another law of the universe, is that if you want something, you will only get it when you are happy, and grateful. So here comes a question, what makes you happy...? Practise gratitude EVERY DAY. Accept that there are things out of your control You are your own maker of your own life Here are some phrases I use to my life: My vibe attracts my tribe - Therefore I am very careful of what vibe I present. Input determinds my output - If you let shit, then you will give shit out. If I want something, then I must be grateful of what I already have. If I want people to believe in me, I must believe in them. Loss is equal a teacher as victory. I am a human, and I make mistakes. I am the sky, the rest is just weather. Optimism is my medicine. Curiosity and pain are my teachers. Love and forgive is my ability to heal. To gain immunity, I must expose myself to it. (This is why I play LoL, it gives me immunity to toxic people, in moderation ofc, don't wanna become one of them you know?) Check out the link I shared and learn some lessons of life, maybe it can help you earn a better experience in league, and life in general. Thank you, hope you enjoyed. Feel free to talk to me, or throw shit at me, or dare prove me wrong. If there are some things you want me to dig deeper into, feel free to ask.
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