How to Make Sure your Teammates are Actually Good

Alright, i have been going through a lot of these threads and i think this community needs some of the advice im about to give. Lets face it, this community is a cespool of flamers. With the tips im about to give you a step by step guide to make sure you can work together in harmony in every game - even with flamers. Lets crack on. **1) Start the game positive:** When you go to champ select, always start with a "Hello!" always with an exclamation mark and the first etter capitalized. It establishes a good environment with you and your team, and even the most cold hearted flamers will feel an obligation to say "hi!" back. Also, always say "glhf!" when about to start. **2) Capitalize the 1st word of every sentence you write, and use periods/exclamation marks:** Seems like a time waster? Well, either this or people flame you. You give off a better persona this way, the persona of a more calculated, mature individual that people will not want to get into a shouting match with. **3) Congratulate, thank and communicate with teammates:** You team got a kill early on? Say "Gj!" or "Nice!" in chat! Your jungler came in and helped you kill the enemy laner? Say "Thanks!" and pop a thumbs up emote. This adds to the previous tip of giving off a mature, friendly, calm persona. People will think twice before saying "report (you) no help meee" **4) Ice breakers:** this is not necessary, but when im feeling it i like to start the game with an ice breaker. Something like a joke (not necessarily a good one) in all chat can help people get off their tilt from their 37 game losing streak and actually try their best, whilst having fun, to win the game. **5) Mute opponents:** This might just be me, but opponents are _**tilting.**_ I cant stand being ganked (successfully) and think "oh well, that happens" and then the opponent pops ana mumu crying emoji and suddenly i want to smash my monitor into 367 tiny pieces. It tilts me, and it may subconsiously tilt you. Before every game starts, make nsure to mute your opponents and mute their emotes. **6) INFO!:** "I will ward river bush at 1:20" "ss" "garen heading mid, care". Not only will this help you win on the practical side, it will also give your team a psychological boost too, as they get the impression that you know what you are doing, even if you are playing Yuumi jungle with cleanse and smite. I honestly hope i helped. Please, follow these tips to make the game a better place. Have a nice day! ________________________________________ _Edit:_ _While i just thought i would leave this here since this is some genuine advice that i shared from experience and only wanted y'all to make good use of it, i have to come back to this to adress a few things._ _First off, i dont mind the downvotes, i mind the way you people treated someone giving genuine advice. _ _These pieces are all things from personal experience, that helped me and i was hoping one day could help someone else. Positivity wins games. Turns out yall just decided, instead of playing some games and figuring this all out on your own, you decided to come here and keep on ranting about how people keep trolling in yor games. I try to make a long post adressing how anyone can help make LoL a better place for themselves and others, and only get criticised. You all can either start being positive and realise that you have the power to make your games and teammates better, or you can keep being part of the problem and then wonder why "riot banned me"._ _I am done helping this community out. You all are hopeless, but i still hope you find a way to get your lives together and be more mature._
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