This is why we still have trolls in games

Remember how Riot said few times that punishing trolls is harder because it's hard to find if this person is really trolling or just have a bad day? And THAT'S WHY they are punishing "flamers" (more like frustrated) people for being mad at such trolls? Well this excuse is invalid. And it's hard for me to trust Riot in any word. 28.11.2018 I reported a guy who played with me as Blitz. Here is a part of my report: "From the beginning in my last game Blitz was doing everything to tilt me. Starting from hitting minions to killing 100% sure kills or not helping to get them. We were asking, pinging him to grab someone and hit but he was "playing" with us, refusing to go full in, only baiting us to fight. After some time I had enough and asked him to leave my lane since he was not helping at all (letting enemy poke me and push while he was wandering in jungle and river). He went mid and I was ok with that but then he died and said he is going AFK. But after 1 or 2 min he came back, doing weird things and blaming teammates for his death. I asked him why he is not AFK if he wanted and he said he prefer to feed... " I had screens where he claims that he is trolling and dying because he want to. I sent everything to Riot. This game was pretty long because my team was not bad, we had a chance to win. But this guy ruined all fun and our work because... I don't know why! I didn't flame him when he took first kill, I said it's ok. We were not bad for him or something. We got mad after he started to bait us and make fun of us... So after 2 days I received answer that they will look personally into this but they can't tell me if this person will be punished. I looked into - the day he was trolling in my game he lost 6 games, 0 won. I can only guess that he had "troll day". It's been 2 weeks and this person is still playing. So PLEASE TELL ME - what proof do you need to actually ban intentionally feeding trolls with negative attitude?! You ban people for 3letters on the chat without any previous punishments and you can't ban someone who waste 30+ minutes to ruin fun for 4 people? What's wrong with you, Riot?!

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