I am stuck in a afk buster limbo unfairly

Ever since s9 has started I've been getting constant resets of afk busters due to me being afk even though its not my fault. My past few games I would load up to 100% instantly but then bugsplat then I recconect but I'm stuck for like 3 mins on the load screen and when I do get in I sometimes able to catch up but then I still get punished regardless how well I did. I know me being afk puts my team at a disadvantage resulting in the punish but again its not my fault. A system needs to be put in place where if ur afk for less than 5 min and come back during the early game , do well and win the game you dont get the punish. This would very hepful to those that have loading issues since I know for sure im not the only one has to deal with this bs.

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