Can you get banned for...

Being lowkey toxic? For example if someone died randomly, or is just bad u tell them something like . "damn... You are not a very good player :/" "Why do you play this game bro?" "Maybe this game is just not for u bro ", "Damn. honestly i wasnt expecting anything else from a player like u " etc etc. You dont directly flame them, it's just giving feedback etc, and imo that's not FLAMING. And also what if you are sarcastic? If some1 is dogshit, and ur like "ur the best player i've seen so far etc", and you keep bullying them like that, is that bannable? Imo it shouldnt can you get banned from that? I just got my last warning on my account, so i cant go ham anymore. I will def continue flaming as much as i can, cuz ppl really %%%%ing deserves it.
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