I prefer drinking blech over playing with this community.....

Just like i said.... A simple summary of how this community works: Player-A is blames player-B that long until player-B starts to flame player-A. Player-A reports player-B. Player-B gets banned [player-A will still play this game unbanned....because of Riots logic, he will blame another player in another game again] ------- another example: Player-A plays like shit. Player-A gets carried by his team and he starts to provoke the enemy team with words like "you are so bad bla bla". Someone in the enemy team will respond to him (mostly the opponent laner) and tell him to fuck off of anything else. Player-A got what he wants,....a flame, he reports him and the responding player will get banned. [player-A will continues his attitude because he untouched by Riot] _____ My Question now..... Why is Riot not banning this kind of players? Oh yeah right, i forgot because thats the majority of the playerbase.... The people falling for the bait and start flaming are always the ones that get punished.... This is not THE reason, but its one of the reasons why this community is in such a "good" state.
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