A guy wishing death to me,my familiy and my dead sister,and gets away with it(of course).

We where playing a normal game.Im lvl 10.He played Tristana, and i played Yasuo.I didnt play so well but i didn't int.I tryed my best to win the game. I didn't talk much, but tristana was really flaming.I would be OK with it(guess i deserve a little friendly fire because i wasent playing at my best i guess)but she started typing stuff like:go hang yourself,go kill yourself, I WISH DEATH TO YOUR LITTLE SISTER,HOPE SHE DIES IN PAINS.Everyone from both teams where telling her to stop and that they will report her(and i belive that they did).I recently got out of depresion, and i was in depresion because my sister DID DIE.One of the problems is that my other account got banned for 14 days because i told to some guy that was flaming me stuff like:nice skin or refund skin.I HAVE NEVER TOLD ANYONE IN THE HISTORY OF MY PLAYING,SOMEONE TO KILL THEMSELFS,OR THAT I WISH DEATH TO SOME OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS,BUT STILL I GOT SUSPENDED(AND I UNDERSTAND WUY)BUT what pisses me off is that guys like that tristana are getting away with it.I did report her,but that dosen't matter,because i guees that me saying:Wow 1/7, or nice skin or just stfu,is a bigger penalty and issue than someone wishing death to me and my family members. I hope you will do something about it, i have that tristanas name and pictures of her flaming me and wishing death to me,my teamates and my family members as proof.
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