A few last words.

After playing this game for 5 years and spending around 600e on skins I just want to thank Riot for perma-banning my account. No sarcasm. This is the best thing that could happen. The game is not fun anymore, and I was playing simply because I was addicted. This is mostly about Ranked matches. This game itself is so toxic its unbelievable. And I'm not talking about the chat. Trash-talking was and will always be part of competitive games, I don't get why is everyone so overprotective about chat. If someone flames you just mute him, it's one button, it's that simple. And while everyone is worried about chat toxicity people ignore the real problem of this game. In every match, you are almost certain ti be held hostage by a troll, or someone who got mad because of first blood and is inting, or someone who wants to derank, or someone trying a new champ in ranked. People blatantly use summoner spells in base, buy 6 pairs of boots or just follow you and try to steal your farm. You literally are forced to stay in a hopeless situation for entire games (somerimes many in a row), feeling helpless and not able to retaliate in any way. They won't get banned, reporting for trolling or inting never pays off. Even with account that are obviously trying to derank (it's easy to see by match history). So you can't report these people. If you flame them in chat, they can then report you and you will get banned. So you even get punished if you try ti retaliate in the only way possible for you. I know this can happen to any of the teams or both. But it ruins the match any way. Even if the person that refuses to play is on the other team, the game loses any meaning. There is no fun playing with or against such people. So whats left to do? Are we supposed to suck it up and let every guy that starts game with "OMG this jungler didnt gank me lvl 2 I'm inting now" get away with it? According to my experience that's the way it works right now. And yes for the record, I flame these people. I believe if someone ruins your experience on purpose the least you can do if flame him. Even in that case he can simply mute you, you can't do ANYTHING about him and have to deal with him for a long time. In the last game I called a Shen that spammed ulti and summs in base "Trash". He cost me 30 minutes of my evening that I could been spending in a good match. He will never be punished, and ruin more games whenever he feels like it. In my opinion that is the real toxicity of this game, not the chat, not the people that have a bad game. But the fact that at any moment you can be held hostage by someone who has a vague understanding of the "rules of conduct" and abuse it to ruin the game for others. Just wanted to get this out of my system. Have fun everyone.
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